Temporary Website

Geometric Music

This new music application is an intuitive way to make music with sounds you record. Geometry is used to edit and make your own colorful masterpiece.


This is an original concept that transforms your face with different fonts and words. Words are used as pixel groups to rebuild the picture.


You receive a needle, you go inside the blackbox and explode the balloon. Once you're out of the box, you receive a fresh and fun printed photo of this high speed moment.

The Raging Bulle

We created this arcade game to raise public awareness about the problem of cleanliness around bottle banks.

Interactive snow globe

That project was made for a Christmas event in Paris. We reproduced the snow globe effect, projected on a church and controlled with a real snow globe.

Interactive wind turbine

We created a game that uses the breath of 2 players. The winner is the first one that succeeds in turning on the light on top.


One year ago Superbe and Dogstudio decided to work as a team on some projects to connect digital and physical worlds.